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Sinteco has 70,000 square metres of warehouses, all newly built, representing the “state of art” for storage of chemical products; they all meet the technical requirements as set by the Seveso Directive.

All the facilities have: REI 180 walls, fire doors, smoke detectors and extinguishing systems, foam and sprinkler, all elements to ensure product safety.

The security is guaranteed by perimeter anti-intrusion alarm systems connected to the External Security Agency and by the supporting video cameras with continuous recording.

The efficiency and the effectiveness of the processes are guaranteed by the use of radio frequency in the whole racked areas and by the use of an advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Sinteco also has available controlled temperature areas, with continuous recording via data logger and deviations alarm systems.

All plants are subject to validation procedures and maintenance programs; staff are regularly trained on the procedures to be applied in case of emergency.

Warehouse locations Area Type
San Giuliano Milanese 20.000 smq Seveso
Pavia 25.000 smq Seveso
Siziano 25.000 smq  ------