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A major concern of Sinteco is to operate in full compliance with all regulations applicable to the logistics of Chemical Goods and, in particular, to dangerous products or to materials subject to special rules: this is done to ensure Operational continuity and uninterrupted service to our Customers.

In addition to the Seveso, Sinteco has a comprehensive package of permissions, including:


Sinteco participated in a working group organized by ASSICC, for the drafting of a "Guide to good practice for companies operating in the storage and distribution of food products" that has been validated by the Ministry of Health, in accordance with Regulation 852/2004.

In the areas of our facilities, dedicated to the storage of food and raw Active pharmaceutical materials, we implemented a manual for self-control for good hygiene practices, HACCP; this has been adapted to the needs of our customers based on the specific type of products stored.
The procedures cover comprehensively the entire process of product management, from the moment of their inbound to the warehouse till their shipment, highlighting the critical points to be monitored, with any corrective actions to be implemented.

Where required, the proper storage of products is guaranteed by controlled temperature storage areas, with constant recording of the temperature values.

Among others, Sinteco has specific permissions for food, also for animals and is therefore subject to the procedure Uvac, for sugar and for Livestock products.

The methodology and timing for cleaning the warehouse and the surrounding areas, as well as the Pest Control plans, are covered by special procedures and are constantly assessed through internal audits.


Sinteco was the first logistics company to be authorized for the management of hazardous chemicals.

In fact, already in 1992, as a sign of its sensitivity to the safety aspects, Sinteco obtained the “storage permit for hazardous chemicals” according to DPR 175, which was the predecessor of the Seveso Laws.

At present Sinteco has 45,000 square meters authorized under Seveso Law.

The storage areas are the most advanced on the market today in the logistics of dangerous chemicals: REI 180 walls, fire doors, containment basins, advanced smoke detection systems, foam extinguishing systems and sprinklers and internal water reserves for fire extinguishment systems.
Internal emergency teams, periodic inspections, operational procedures in place, periodic maintenance plans are providing additional guarantees of operational safety of our Customers products, for the authorities and stakeholders in general.

Audits conducted by our customers and local Authorities confirm the validity of our management.

Customs and suspended VAT warehouse

Sinteco has:
  • Clearance procedure
    • Allowing you to send or receive goods at our premises, Custom Clear them directly in the facility
  • Bonded and suspended VAT Warehouse
    • It allows receiving goods from countries outside the EU directly at our premises, keeping them at foreign status and suspending payments of duties and VAT.
Warehouse for spirits

Sinteco have permission for the following activities:
  • Storage of products and/or perfumes produced with denatured alcohol, methyl alcohol, propyl alcohol isopropyl alcohol (excise Code: IT00MIX01572H)
  • Fiscal tax warehouse for ethyl alcohol (Code excise IT00MIA00823M)
  • Storage of lubricants and lubricating preparations (Subject to consumption tax code excise IT00MIB00784T)
  • Energy products under suspension of excise duty receiving goods for:
    • Medium oils, light oils and mineral spirits
    • Kerosene
    • cyclic hydrocarbons
    • Oil
      • (Code Excise IT00MIO00994L)
  • Operating License for interim storage of energy products other than motor fuel or heating fuel
 Storage of:
  • Medium oils, light oils and mineral spirits
  • Kerosene
  • cyclic hydrocarbons
  • Oil
    • (Code Excise IT00MIY04117E)

Sinteco Logistics Spa has Authorization for the Storage and Distribution of pharmaceutical products for human use and pharmacologically active raw materials, according to DL 219/06 art.108.

The activities for the management of these products are regulated by special procedures and technical specifications agreed with Customers, all of them in compliance with the GMP and GDP EU regulations.

The periodic self-assessments of compliance are made on the basis of a self-assessment procedure of  the GDP rules.

The areas dedicated to these goods have suitable air cooling systems for the maintenance of the required temperatures and alarm systems for the signaling of malfunctions.

The temperatures and the humidity are recorded automatically by means of a network of data logger appropriately positioned.

The Technical Director of Sinteco verifies the correct application of all the procedures and participates in audits of External parties and Customers


Sinteco has been operating since 1960 in logistics, with a specialization in the field of hazardous chemicals; a long experience, grown working for the leading companies in the industry, has allowed us to build, over time, a specific know-how that has made us the leader in the field of chemical logistics.

Sinteco, via a Customized computer system and throughout products master data (updated with the information contained in safety data sheets accompanying the products), is able to verify the correct correspondence between personal information and CLP/ADR products labelling, through operating procedures and documents generated by the computer system conforming to customer orders for both incoming and outgoing goods. This allows our customers to verify the conformity of products deposited / transported.
What are the CLP and the ADR?
  • CLP is the European Regulation EC No. 1272/2008 on the classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures. It entered into force in the European Union on 20th January 2009 introducing a new system for the classification and labelling of hazardous substances and mixtures, based on the UN Globally Harmonized System (GHS).
  • ADR is the European Agreement concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by road, which stands for "Accord Dangerouses Route", a synthesis of "Accord europeen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route", or "European Agreement concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by road". It was signed in Geneva on 30th September 1947 and ratified in Italy with Law no. 1839 of 12th August 1962: the agreement consists of a few pages (for a total of 17 articles, and a memorandum of understanding.
It regulates the classification of dangerous substances in relation to road transport; standards and tests that determine the classification of individual substances as hazardous, of packaging of goods, characteristics of packaging and containers, construction methods and requirements of vehicles for the transportation of these products, including travel documents and crew.
The Technical Department of Sinteco, which includes the Technical Director,  responsible for the pharmaceutical sector and the Consultant ADR, is able to support customers in obtaining and managing new authorizations.

In addition to Sinteco’s complete authorizations for storage of food products, livestock and pharmaceutical goods, we have manuals available related to HACCP and GMP; their correct application is continually monitored through internal audits.