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We could say that for Sinteco chemistry has no boundaries seems like a set sentence but it is not.
For many years Sinteco has  been recognized as  a specialized logistics in the chemical products management ,primarly for those classified as dangerous; we are able to support our customers business, making available an organization  to manage the different  problems and complexity in the regulatory landscape where these products fall, protecting their business and offering a partnership to our customers and to all the parties involved in their business.
When we talk about "chemistry" we also talk about what is the basis in the food and pharmaceutical industry, those that are the ingredients and active ingredients, which compose the finished products of these industries.
These products , for totally different reasons than those classified as dangerous, require a complex organizational structure that provides resources, adequate procedures and control systems for the various processes. Considering the stringent regulations in force, our organization have to  guarantee the traceability and correct management of these products, not only for  active ingredients but  for excipients as well, from the producer to the final consumer.
Thanks to the educational path we started few years ago, last June Sinteco Logistics obtained the inspection certificate n ° 26089 issued in recognition of the Good Distribution Practice (GDP) application , for the activities carried out in San Giuliano Milanese and Pavia  warehouses and in accordance with the  European Commission Guidelines of 19/03/2015.
This recognition combines those already obtained :the new ISO 9001: 2015 , ISO 14001: 2015, and OHSAS 18001: 2007 certification.